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Post by Admin on Sat May 13, 2017 8:07 pm

1. This forum is a private and unofficial discussion group.
2. This forum is used by the Catholic faithful who regularly attend the TLM celebrated at St. Antony's Chapel, Cathedral Road, Chennai, TN, India and their friends.
3. This is not an "official" apostlate of any organisation.
4. This is merely an online location to facilitate rational discourse among a group of friends on topics relevant to the Catholic faith.
5. In this respect, this online location is analogous to a room in the house of a private person where a group of friends occassionally congregate for friendly discussions.
6. From the above it will be clear that any opinions expressed within these forums do not necessarily constitute an "official position" of any group.
7. The purpose of this group is not to provide a platform to express public positions.
8. This is not a free-for-all location for any outsider to debate this group.
9. Outsiders or would-be-detractors of this group are requested not to make public any matters discussed within in other fora. If anyone wants to know the official position of the group as such on any matters, please contact the official mail ID or Facebook page, links to which are available on every official email intimation sent regularly by the TLM Community, India.
10. Once again, to re-iterate, the sole purpose of this group is our spiritual formation.
11. For now, to avoid problems, we envision this group to contain only members who are personally known to each other already in the real world, or at least, outside this forum.

It is understood that anyone registering for an account in this forum has already read, understood, and accepted the above.


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